YouTube Launches Director Mix

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YouTube has announced the launch of a new software tool called Director Mix, which allows users to create multiple versions of a video based on different targeting parameters.

Details and Implications
In theory, Director Mix enables advertisers to seamlessly produce an infinite number of versions of a base creative and automatically match the distribution of each version with an infinite number of targeting possibilities. Text, imagery, and audio can all be modified to increase the relevance of the creative execution served to each audience group defined by the brief.

How it works:

  1. Advertiser/agency provides base creative files and the campaign details (e.g., targeting, creative matrix, ad parameters, etc.) which is then “ingested” by the Director Mix software.
  2. Director Mix generates iterations of the video for easy review and approval within the tool.
  3. Director Mix uploads videos to YouTube channel and full campaigns to AdWords to set live.

The tool is still in alpha and is currently only available in the US, but YouTube is looking to recruit participants. It plans to roll the tool out globally in Q4 with ‘all languages’ available.

There are of course other DCO tools available (e.g. Innovid, Tubemogul, Flashtalking) and in some respects YouTube is a late mover in this space. However, where Director Mix has the potential to move the game on is in its capability to develop creative instructions from deterministic data at immense scale. Other providers are not able to offer this due to the largely probabilistic method they employ for collecting and refining data.

Google has also announced an expansion of its Custom Affinity Audience offering so that advertisers can now add targeting parameters based on activity within Google Maps to the previous segments created from YouTube and Google searches.

DCO on an unprecedented scale. YouTube harness the immense power of its data capabilities to provide advertisers with a new way to dynamically optimize creative. All we need now are super smart planners with the mental capacity to process an infinite array of possibilities into an effective strategy!

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