Who’s Got Skill? We do. Check us out on the Amazon Alexa Skill Creators & Resources Site

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As Cindy Gustafson puts it, we’re entering the world of “autonomous living”—the idea that technology can tell us what we need (and help us get it) before we even realize it. Voice recognition has a huge role to play in that—it’s changing the way we search, the way we shop, and our very relationship to the media and devices across our homes and cars.

Given the rising importance of that medium, we’re especially excited to announce that Mindshare has been selected as a preferred resource for the launch of the Amazon Alexa Agencies & Tools site! Mindshare is one of only 20 agencies from around the globe chosen as preferred resources. Check out the full list here.

And if you want a practical example of the work: check out the “Best Recipes” skill created in partnership with Unilever’s Hellmann’s and an integrated team across Mindshare including Content+, Shop+, Invention Studio, and more. Just name three ingredients for Alexa and you’ll get three delicious recipes in return: https://www.amazon.com/gp/adlp/hellmanns_alexa

Bonus: in the fall, Mindshare was the first and only media agency in North America to complete a pilot of Amazon Advertising’s accreditation program. Shop+ (our team dedicated to retail and e-commerce media) employees worked directly with Amazon through the pilot to drive further expertise and education in the agency across Amazon’s retail readiness, targeting, and analytics programs.