Target Media Network Rebrands as Roundel

Written by Lizzie Cross, Shop+, Mindshare

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Target Media Network (TMN) has rebranded as Roundel, promising a comprehensive media solution that breaks the boundaries of retailer-owned media platforms.


In their first appearance at the Newfronts on Thursday, May 2, TMN announced a name change to Roundel, featuring a logo that is reminiscent of the classic Target bullseye. During the presentation, Roundel’s president Kristi Argyilan presented Roundel as a solution for all advertisers, including those that do not sell products in Target stores.

Prior to the announcement, TMN was already working with advertisers like Mastercard and Allstate that do not sell products at Target. TMN offered a suite of ad opportunities composed of inventory within Target’s owned and operated channels as well as audience extension opportunities within the Bullseye display ad network, social media and more.

During the rollout, Roundel did not provide any context around whether their products and services would also be expanding. Without more information on new services, the rebranding appears to be a difference in name only.


While the rebranding is a clear tactic to be considered for more than just Target-driving media, the effort of Target’s media solution to differentiate itself remains unproven. Roundel’s major competitors like Amazon Advertising, Walmart Media Group and Kroger Precision Marketing have all positioned themselves as opportunities to use proprietary retailer data to drive goals outside of direct sales at each retailer. While the retailer media platforms continue to develop their products, they will need to compete not only with each other but with non-retailer media platforms that have been trusted for years to deliver brand goals.


By rebranding TMN to Roundel, Target is making a clear stance that Roundel can be considered a separate entity from Target. Without any announced updates to products or services, it remains to be seen how effective the rebrand will be in attracting more ad revenue.

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