The New York Times: L.G.B.T. Households are Now Nielsen Families, and Advertisers and Producers Get a Valuable Tool

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As Nielsen has finally launched ratings that begin to measure same-sex households, Mindshare’s Rachel Lowenstein, Associate Director, Invention+, weighs in on its importance.

Excerpt: Still, the new statistic could be a boon to advertisers. Same-sex couples earn significantly more money than their straight counterparts, according to the Treasury Department, making them appealing to advertisers.

“Our brands will be interested in this not just in terms of being more inclusive, but also to reach a more affluent audience,” said Ms. Lowenstein, who works at the media agency. “This is something that’ll be extremely valuable once it’s tradable in the marketplace.”

For more insights from Rachel and others, read the full piece in The New York Times.