RAGU’s Mom-Fessions Video Series

By Sara Fairbanks, Manager, Mindshare NA

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You know who moms trust most? Other moms! We worked with Meredith and RAGU to bring together five very real, very funny moms to serve as a panel as they “get real” and tackle topics like Alone Time, Preparing Healthy Meals, Electronics At The Dinner Table, and the Back To School Time Period.

Lynzy & Co. (Lynzy), A Simple Pantry (Karly), Mommy’s Home Cooking (Oriana), Lady & The Blog (Vera) and MOMables (Laura) talk tips and tricks to find time in their busy schedules and how RAGU sauces make meal prep easy, enjoyable and delicious. RAGU is bringing four long and short-form videos featuring these “Mom-fessions” to their core audience.

The first two videos, which launched just in time for Mother’s Day, feature RAGU Old World Style sauce in “Alone Time” and RAGU Classic Alfredo in “Family Dinner & Electronics.” Contrary to the title, “Alone Time” speaks to the few and far between moments of solitude as a mom and how RAGU can help make dinner easy to give you just a few extra moments alone. “Family Dinner & Electronics” battles the notion of no tech at the table and each mom’s stance on gathering for dinner as a family to encourage being present at family time.

The back-to-school time period will kick off the launch of the two additional videos. Not to ruin any surprises, but they are just as real and hilarious as the first two! You can watch these RAGU videos in the custom RAGU hub on AllRecipes.com, through the Engagement Video Unit as well as social extensions through promotions from the five influencer moms.

So whether you are a parent or not, check out the videos and see how RAGU sauces make meal time simple and tasty!