NewFronts Debrief: Condé Nast

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Mindshare’s Francia Miller Cohen, Director, Digital Investment, gives us the scoop on today’s Condé Nast NewFront.

  1. The big talent onstage: Anna Wintour and a musical performance by Charli XCX.
  2. The announcements that caught your eye:
  • The brand wants to establish themselves as the new primetime destination for media buyers. They’re developing over 175 new digital pilots and 50 returning series. While presenting, Condé’s Pamela Drucker Mann said, “We’re the new Thursday night, and we’re always on.”
    • Some of these shows include: Vogue’s Go Ask Anna and Vogue intern with Ken Jeong, Vanity Fair’s Time Capsule, GQ’s Above Average Joe, Wired’s Masterminds, and Architectural Digest’s On the Market.
  • A measurement partnership with Nielsen for their video products.

3. Implications for marketers:

  • Advertisers that are looking for brand-safe, measurable content can look to Condé who are heavily focused on producing a large amount of video content this year. They announced an expanded version of their Condé Nast Prime ad offering, called Condé Nast Prime Time, which will encompass all new primetime series on all platforms, including YouTube and OTT. The expansion into YouTube and OTT will help them increase their video offering and hopefully make it available to more advertisers this year.
  • They also announced Condé Nast Prime Time Placement where brands can be integrated into their programming – which they can now measure for brand impact, favorability, and purchase intent with their Nielsen integration. The measurement piece of this is what Condé stressed as being the differentiator to other product integrations into TV programming

4. Challenges for the publisher:

  • Drucker also noted in her presentation that consumers have more control than ever before on the content they are consuming. There are a lot of video options available in the marketplace. Condé went all in on video in their presentation, and in touting brand safety, engagement, and now measurability, they’re hoping to be a top consideration for advertisers this year.

5. What was different about this NewFront from the types of deals we do every day for clients?

  • Again, Condé wants to be seen a Primetime TV option for advertisers, and they’re backing this up with the large amount of content they plan to produce. As part of that, they’re able to tap into their own “homegrown talent” or use their celebrity access to create custom solutions for brands. A past example of this is Google Assistant’s integration with Vogue’s popular series, 73 Questions.

6. Anything else we should know?

  • Condé touted that they have seven trending videos per week on YouTube and over 27MM+ subscribers.
  • They announced a Twitter partnership to live stream the company’s conferences, including Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, The New Yorker Festival, and Wired25.