Mindshare Unplugged: Meet Carley Gainous

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Mindshare Unplugged spotlights and interview rising stars across Mindshare North America – people who exemplify our core values of Provocation, Speed, and Teamwork. Say hello to Carley Gainous (Senior Associate, Search & Social) from our Atlanta office and find out what makes her tick.

1) What inspired you to go into the media industry? 

I was always very obsessed with technology from a young age. As I got older, things like Photoshop, coding, and social media gave me an opportunity to be creative while using the latest and greatest technology. While I was in college, I realized there was an entire industry of like-minded people doing what I loved and I was instantly sold!

2) What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in media right now?

I would say voice search is the hottest thing right now. It’s crazy to me that what looks like a small speaker can be trained to understand commands from anything such as playing your favorite song to reordering a case of soda. I think it presents a really unique opportunity for brands to bond with the consumer on one of the most personal levels, within the home. I believe as voice search becomes more prevalent, certain brands will too, depending on their name recognition and other factors. Consumers won’t be asking Alexa for the cheapest case of soda but instead a case of Diet Coke.

3) What one piece of advice would you give your college-senior self?

Don’t be afraid to make big moves and step outside of your comfort zone. It can be challenging for women to disrupt the industry but with passion and determination, you’ll get there. Thankfully I have some of the best role models at Mindshare to work with day-to-day that are just as passionate as I am about the industry.

4) Last one: if you got a blank plane ticket today, where would you go – and why?

That’s an easy one, Greece! Not only is it beautiful but the peaceful, serene lifestyle of Santorini or historic nature of Athens really appeals to me.