Mindshare talks media world innovation at the Google Data & Analytics Summit

By Lachezar Arabadzhiev, Manager, Analytics & Insights

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How does data come into play in the media world? At the Google Data & Analytics Summit, we had the chance to show clients and agencies how Mindshare is harnessing the power of data to accelerate growth and create new business opportunities for our clients. The three stories that we shared highlighted the innovative and intrapreneurial spirit that lives within the agency.

MINDSET. In order to provide outstanding data-driven solutions for our clients, Mindshare has adopted what we call a “laboratory mentality.” We know how fast technology is moving, so instead of solely following the standard industry practices for a particular problem, we experiment with various solutions and learn in the process. At the end of the day, the worst thing that you can do is to lean so heavily on previous experiences that you don’t look to the future or think about trying something new. With this mindset, our teams in Toronto have built multiple custom solutions that are driving results for our clients, including a TV attribution tool, a cross-device analysis framework, and a media benchmarking algorithm.

CONNECTIVITY. Understanding the various stakeholders that work with data within an organization is crucial to delivering value to clients. Our job does not stop when a product is built, but continues indefinitely to ensure both our agency team and clients are confident with how data is interpreted and actioned. Before modifying a process or analyzing a particular piece of data, you should always attempt to answer the following:

  • “Is the tool/dashboard/implementation providing actionable insights to our clients?”
  • “How long does it take for our clients and teams to access the data they need?”
  • “Are we bringing incremental value to our client’s business?”

LEADERSHIP. In today’s digital landscape, the abundance of tools and vendors – DSPs, Trading Desks, Verification, Web Analytics, etc. – have helped agencies and clients become more connected, flexible, and agile. However, the sheer amount of choice has also left many with a usability gap. Thus, it’s crucial for agencies to work constantly on connecting the dots and to provide clients with a holistic view of their business. That means everything from advising on the best combination of tools that align with growth targets, to compiling a global competitive review for a product category, to ensuring the correct data infrastructure and processes are in place, and more.

It’s important for a modern media agency to have an open-mind and desire for collaboration. In an ever-changing data landscape, we’ve focused our efforts on helping clients leverage and understand data to achieve their business goals.