Mindshare 24 launches to kick start creativity and then scale it

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Mindshare has launched a new intuitive and raw ideation service called Mindshare 24 to kick start creativity and scale it.

Designed to help clients tap into the global Mindshare network of talent spanning 116 offices in 86 markets,Mindshare 24 pulls together the brightest strategic and creative talent at the agency to come up with solutions within 24 hours of a brief being submitted, with a guarantee that if you don’t like the ideas, then there is no fee.

The aim is to put energy and excitement back into planning. Comms planning is generally boring when all it does is follow three phases and then offers thirty pages of analysis and only one page of ideas. Mindshare 24 turns that on its head – it’s data and rooted in a brief but first and foremost it’s about speed, gut and native genius.

Ivan Pollard, Global CMO of General Mills, welcomed the idea: “It’s what the best planners have always done and it’s great to see Mindshare scaling it.”

Kees Kruythoff, President of Unilever’s Home Care Business and Chairman of the ENACTUS Board of Directors, said: “ENACTUS and Mindshare have a shared agenda. We are both committed to the UN’s Common Ground agenda, which is to use our skills and expertise to make a positive impact on the world through the Sustainable Development Goals. The ideas we received from across the Mindshare network on Mindshare Day 2017 were remarkable and we are looking forward to launching multiple initiatives this year, globally and locally, through some of our largest media and technology partners.”

Here is how it works:

Mindshare 24 formats a client brief for quick response – clearly stating the challenges, objectives and any specialist information required. The agency’s data visualisation service The Loop (also known as our adaptive marketing engine) then plays a key role in the process, turning real-time data into insights to fuel the creativity and ideas from across the network. The brief is then tackled by the global members of Mindshare 24, pulling in partners as required. The result for the client is a range of ideas inside 24 hours, from small executable tactical ideas to multi-platform, multi-market partnership propositions the teams work with anyone and everyone to develop the best ideas.

Mindshare has developed the approach to mobilising the agency’s top talent through its annual Mindshare Day – having used Mindshare 24 for projects with both Amnesty International and ENACTUS, an organisation which brings together entrepreneurs, business, academics and students, to use their skills to tackle the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For Amnesty International, Mindshare 24 created 21 ideas from four continents, with three being executed on behalf of the brand. The award-winning ‘Look Beyond Borders’ Facebook Live event, which connected audiences with refugees in London, Sydney, Mexico City, and Nairobi, was one of the ideas created.

Mindshare is now activating Mindshare 24 for all clients with key hubs in London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Portland and New York.

Nick Emery, Global CEO Mindshare, said: “Any brand that is interested in quick and powerful ideas anywhere in the world should call us or even just send an email, go to bed, and then wake up with a world-changing idea.Traditional comms planning is dead and the days of tease, excite, reveal are over. Mindshare 24 is fast and fun and that is why we are doing it – it’s the creative antidote to a ‘tech is the only solution’ view of our world that is pervasive. Mindshare has always been about speed, teamwork and provocation and Mindshare 24 is a natural extension of that for a world that moves at the speed of culture.”

Mindshare welcomes a brief from any client that wants provocative ideas at the speed of culture.