MediaVillage: Happy Birthday, Mindshare! Inside the Agency’s 20th Anniversary Event

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Yesterday, Mindshare celebrated its 20th anniversary worldwide.  As part of that, we held a special edition of Mindshare Day, our annual event when all of the offices around the world hit pause on our day-to-day to celebrate our heritage and our teams, and we dedicate our time and skills to a higher purpose.  For this event, the whole global network partnered with Enactus, a nonprofit that encourages university students, guided by top academic and business leaders, to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the world. (Pictured above, left to right: Cindy Gustafson, Chief Strategy Officer, Mindshare North America; Terry Torok, Chief Innovation Officer, Enactus; Adam Gerhart, CEO, U.S., Mindshare North America; Joe Maceda, Invention Studio Lead, Mindshare North America.)

Enactus is specifically focused on achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, from zero hunger to quality education to gender equality (a topic that we focused on at our previous Mindshare Day event!) and more.  In fact, Enactus’ mission complements WPP’s Common Ground agenda, an initiative in which the big six communications networks came together in 2016 to commit to use their skills and expertise to tackle the UN’s 17 SDGs.

Mindshare spent the day working with Enactus to come up with new ideas to generate awareness and corporate investment for this terrific organization and the young leaders that participate in its programs.  In North America specifically, we brainstormed new ideas for Enactus by harnessing the unique spirit and structure of FuseBox™, our Invention Studio’s custom method for crowdsourcing creativity.

As part of Mindshare’s larger 20th anniversary worldwide, the agency launched a special celebratory website where employees submitted their own videos and photos talking about how they live Mindshare’s values of Speed, Teamwork and Provocation.  You can see one of our favorites, from Miguel Mora (he’s part of the Invention Studio) by clicking on the image below.

We also worked with Twitter for our own special emoji for the #TeamMindshare hashtag – a fitting purple globe. Mindshare is the first agency to have that honor.

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