The other winners from March Madness? The Monmouth Bench Mob

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The Virginia Cavaliers took home an epic championship last night, but they weren’t the only winners from March Madness.

Degree Men stands for movement and needed a big breakthrough idea to keep fans moving all Tournament long. The team brought back members of the iconic Monmouth bench to recreate old moves and showcase new ones. Leaning into agility we created moves in advance that could be deployed whenever a major moment happened and also executed a real-time mechanism to produce new moves on the fly. Working with Degree Men, this was a best in class partnership between our Invention+, Content+, Strategy, Investment, and Social teams.

Read more about it in the piece from AOL below.

The Monmouth Bench Mob is back – and reacting to the 2019 NCAA Tournament’s best moments

By Kelly Driscoll

The Monmouth University Bench Mob captured the hearts of basketball fans everywhere back in 2015. Their perfectly choreographed reactions to the most exciting moments on the court quickly went viral on social media — and even landed them on ESPN.

As is the nature of college, members of that famous 2015-16 group have now graduated and moved on. But, thanks to Degree, they’re making a resurgence during this year’s NCAA Tournament.

Former Bench Mob stars Dan Pillari (’18) and Greg Noack (’17) have returned to their craft, creating unique reactions to the most exciting moments throughout March Madness 2019.

“I love March Madness,” Noack told of the tournament. “It has been a bit chalky, but that’s alright. Now we’re getting into the final days of the tournament and that’s when it really picks up.”

Early round chalkiness aside, the excitement surrounding this year’s tournament ramped up during the Sweet 16 – especially when Purdue and Tennessee went back-and-forth, landing themselves in a dramatic overtime period ripe for Monmouth-style reactions.

Noack and Pillari partnered with Degree to bring back some of the original Bench Mob’s most iconic moves, as well as create new ones inspired by major plays, moments and upsets in 2019.

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