Business Insider: An ad agency is ‘hacking’ search results on Amazon’s Alexa, and it shows how voice is the next battleground in advertising

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  • As consumers increasingly adopt digital voice assistants, big brands know they need to cash in on the opportunity.
  • But when it comes to commerce on voice assistants, people fall back on the default option — meaning that brands need to get creative in getting people to buy their products using voice.
  • Ad agency Mindshare thinks it has found a “hack” around commerce on voice assistants, and is training its clients to take on a future with voice through various other ways.

It’s time for brands to find their voice — literally — and ad agency Mindshare thinks it’s got the perfect trick up its sleeve to help them figure it out.

As consumers increasingly adopt digital voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant on the Google Home, brands are beginning to realize that they need to cash in on the opportunity.

“Simply put, you can’t ignore this medium,” said Jeff Malmad, executive director at Mindshare’s media innovation unit, whose clients include big names like General Mills, Tyson, and Campari. “Brands need to be where their consumers are.”

But here’s the catch: people may be interacting with their voice assistants more, but when it comes to shopping, they aren’t necessarily picking specific brands. 85% of consumers surveyed for a recent report, for instance, said they chose the default option that popped up while doing a voice shopping search rather than requesting a brand.

So it is incumbent upon brands to shape people’s preferences on voice.

Mindshare thinks it has found a ‘hack’ around commerce on voice assistants

Mindshare thinks that commerce on voice platforms will be important, and has been prepping brands ranging from Unilever to Pandora through voice workshops and sessions tailored specifically to their category and marketing objectives.

For more insights around what we’re doing in voice, read the full piece in Business Insider.