The Huddle at Mindshare Chicago: Back to the Future

By Taylor Salo, Digital Investment Intern

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Mindshare teams spent the Chicago office’s fourth annual Huddle immersed in inspiring sessions to promote fresh thinking, all while surrounded by old friends and new faces. The day focused on the transformative abilities of technology in a changing media landscape, and how to harness this technology to push brands. From mastering the art of satirical headline writing with ClickHole, to learning how National Geographic has been able to capture stories and keep attention for 130 years, the Back to The Future theme allowed us to reflect on our past, look on the present, and plan for the future.

For example, Huddlers explored the seemingly limitless options of using augmented and virtual reality technology with Oath. We looked at how augmented reality is being used through apps like Amazon and Pottery Barn, allowing prospective customers to place their products directly in their living spaces before they purchase (and even did some AR redecorating of our Media Lab). We also brainstormed with the Oath team on how Mindshare Chicago’s clients could use this technology to connect with consumers on a new level.

Other partners that continuously left us thinking included:

  • Instagram Story School: For brands on Instagram, posting stories that resonate are harder than it looks. Huddlers spiced up their own Instagram stories, and got insights from influencer Celeste, who has over 14,000 follows on her account @napathegolden. She spoke on how to make people look, think, and swipe up.
  • DraftKings: The legalization of U.S. sports betting has made headlines recently, which made this a particularly timely moment for the fantasy sports contest provider to come in. In this session, our teams explored how sports are no longer just about the game. We talked about how sports organizations will look to create fan experiences that are more like a theme park than just your average stadium.
  • Bleacher Report: The quick thinkers of Bleacher Report discussed how they transform live game-changing moments in sports, into content in a matter of minutes. With such a small window to get their content out there, they shared their insights for getting users to stop scrolling and engage with the site.

The day gave all employees the opportunity to close their laptops, leave their spreadsheets, and connect with each other through every unique experience. Nothing about the future can ever be certain. Trends change, and technology is constantly advancing at a frenetic pace. But after Mindshare Chicago’s Huddle, we have been set up with the tools to make an impact in our industry as we move into the future.

Check out some of the photos from the day on Instagram.