Digiday: Turner’s esports league aims for growth with more tournaments, advertisers

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Digiday looks at the growth of Turner Sports’ Eleague – the tournaments and games it’s hosting, its broadcast on TBS, and more, including insights from Mindshare’s Josh Spiegelman.

Excerpt: Despite ELeague’s growth, esports as a whole is not mainstream enough for most advertisers, which need to improve their understanding and comfort level with it, said Josh Spiegelman, managing director for Spotlight, Mindshare North America’s sports and entertainment practice.

For advertisers that are interested in esports, ELeague is attractive because it simplifies a still-fragmented landscape, though, said Spiegelman. “They provide a combination of digital and linear distribution, sophisticated production, access to talent and sponsor opportunities across a range of games that appeal to different audiences,” he said.

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