Digiday: Hulu has started to address advertisers’ inventory frustrations

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“Earlier over the past year, we were having more challenges with inventory availability, but Hulu’s made some very smart strategic moves in how to continue and increase their distribution, increase their consumer base and make more inventory available,” said Christine Peterson, U.S. digital investment lead at Mindshare North America.

Hulu’s original shows have “put them on the map and made them a credible provider,” said Stimmel. So have the awards that its hit show “The Handmaid’s Tale” has received. The awards have made brands that are already buying ads on Hulu “feel like it was the right move to make,” and reluctant advertisers, who consider their target markets to be too niche for Hulu, more open to spending money on the service, said Peterson.

“Everybody is clamoring to hear more about the incremental scale and inventory they can deliver,” Peterson said.

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