Digiday: Hearst now has both Seventeen and Cosmo on up-and-coming app Musical.ly

By Sahil Patel

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Musical.ly is an intriguing platform for advertisers. But with no traditional ad products within media content, advertisers’ main options are influencer marketing or sponsorship and integration deals with publishing partners.

“A lot of brands don’t really play with Musical.ly,” said Greg Manago, co-president of Content+ at Mindshare North America. “First of all, the age groups that Musical.ly targets makes it difficult for a vast majority of brands, and since users specifically go to Musical.ly to listen to their favorite song, you as a brand don’t want to be interruptive to that experience.”

In this context, working with a trusted publisher that can also bring in some valuable data and insights on what the Musical.ly audience likes proves to be valuable, Manago said.

“Partners can give you guarantees that you can feel comfortable with,” he said. “If Musical.ly is an experiment, then this makes it a safe experiment because you’ll have a better idea on how it’s going to perform based on [the publishing partners’] past history on the platform.”

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