CNBC: Here’s how TV networks are responding as streaming services take more viewers and ad dollars

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Excerpt: After attending NewFronts earlier this month, Mindshare North America partner and associate director of digital investment Alex Colcord said stats from some presenters about size, demographic reach and similar metrics weren’t too impressive. 

“In [some] way, shape or form, I’m sure these partners can reach a ton of people and a very large audience. That’s not really a point of differentiation for me or my clients anymore,” he said. “I’m more interested in innovative ways we can reach the audience.” He said that means not just being able to be in touch with them, but reach them in a way that resonates.

“I can reach consumers in a million different ways, but so can a bunch of other advertisers,” he said. “If I’m not doing so in a way that’s unique and memorable, I’m wasting my client’s money.”

He said he was impressed by the BBC’s offerings during its NewFront session, like developments in how the company will translate news content into an audio format or dynamic podcasts. Hulu’s “pause ads,” which show ads while a user is taking a break from a show, are another that caught his eye.

Those things are “engaging the consumer in a way that’s thoughtful,” Colcord said.

For more insights, read the full piece in CNBC.