CNBC: Why advertisers are excited about Snap’s new gaming platform

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Excerpt: Simona Marmina, senior director of social for media agency Mindshare, echoed the desire for more details around brand safety but said the gaming platform seemed promising.

“They obviously made it clear they have an advantage compared to other even pure-play gaming platforms, in the sense that they’re a community already established, and a lot of people use it to talk to their friends,” she said.

Morgan Stanley analysts said in a research note they see the mobile in-game advertising as a big opportunity, but say it will be challenging to execute. Research analysts said Snap’s challenge will be creating scalable ad units that aren’t disruptive to a user’s experience. Where a game like “Words With Friends” monetizes well since it’s turn-based and creates natural periods to show ads, researchers said Snap’s first six games don’t appear to be “turn-based.” That “could limit ad impression opportunities … and monetization,” the research note says.

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