Campaign India: I-COM Global Summit – How Godrej Hit used data to fight dengue

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Excerpt: Ikechi Okoronkwo, MD – marketing sciences, Mindshare USA, presented Mindshare India’s ‘fighting dengue with a dose of data doctors’ entry for Godrej at the I-Com Data Creativity Award in 2019.  

Okoronkwo introduced the case by stating it had a high social impact and connected to the business values for Hit.

He stated, “Dengue fever saw a 218 per rise in India. It takes very little time for dengue to become an epidemic. It can be treated by timely platelet transfusion. Godrej didn’t want to come across as ‘opportunistic’. We saw the areas where dengue was breaking out across both urban and rural India. We saw the time period of the year when this actually happens.”   

Mindshare used four data sources:  

1: Primary research from GCPL across urban and rural India.
2: Health management data from government.
3: Google data of people searching for dengue.
4: Hospital related data.

To learn more, read the full piece in Campaign India.