Campaign: Adland insiders on Advertising Week’s Pitbull controversy

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Excerpt: The context is important here. I wish the industry would be less offended at the suggestion of women dancing provocatively, and direct their anger towards men exploiting it. Pitbull’s music has always been problematic towards women because of the lyrics, but it’s only brought to light as offensive when women get onstage and start twerking?

If the industry is serious about advancing equality for all types of women, then that needs to factor into who you invite to perform on such major stages. There’s plenty of incredible artists like Lizzo who celebrate their bodies and personhood by dancing however they please. In our pursuit of moving intersectional feminism out of panels with high-powered executives and into the real world, it’s important that we don’t forget that nuance of choice and ownership over our bodies.

– Rachel Lowenstein, Associate Director, Invention+, Mindshare

Check out the full piece, with insights from other women across the industry, in Campaign.