Adweek: Mindshare’s New In-House Lab Uses Brain Activity to Evaluate Ad Effectiveness

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Excerpt: According to Joe Maceda, chief instigation officer at Mindshare US, NeuroLab will help the media company inform strategies and tactics for plans going to market. It will also be used to conduct general research to help elevate the work of the agency at large.

“For example, we recently used it to test which type of environments and content genres were best suited for a brand’s message, which will inform our placement selections,” he said. “Or, for another example, we have a series of audio and sonic branding workshops for clients—we’re going to be using NeuroLab to help inform what those audio strategies should be.”

The lab, which is being co-led by Mindshare’s Arafel Buzan and James Kelly, has already come out with some preliminary research on audio advertising. 

For more info, read the full piece in Adweek.