AdExchanger: Cannes 2019 – Creative Meets Performance, DTC Shows Up And Regulation Looms

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Excerpt: But brands will need to prove that impact-driven creative drives results. That will be exacerbated by the fact that this year, consumer brands are being judged in a separate category from non-profits and NGOs, said Adam Gerhart, US CEO at Mindshare.

“Nonprofits have been able to take larger risks because they have finite and fixed budgets,” he said. “But commercial brands are held to quarterly sales goals. They’re going to have to balance business impact with the narrative storytelling.”

In this piece, Adam also shares his insights on tech companies at Cannes, the rise of DTC brands, and more. Check out more of his and other industry leaders’ insights in the full piece in AdExchanger, plus one more excerpt below.

Mindshare is taking a more critical eye when setting up vendor and partner meetings. Unless they approach the agency with an angle that furthers client objectives, it’s tough to justify a face to face.

“They have to support the work and creativity, not just be there for their own agenda,” Gerhardt said.