Ad Exchanger: Can Apple’s billboard shift the conversation to consumer privacy?

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ICYMI, Apple posted a billboard outside Springhill Suites Marriott Hotel in Las Vegas: “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.” Joe Maceda, our Chief Instigation Officer, talks to Ad Exchanger about hot topic: data and privacy.

Excerpt: “I think if you’re at CES and not thinking about what this technology means for consumer privacy and data usage then you’re making a big mistake,” Mindshare’s Chief Instigation Officer Joe Maceda told AdExchanger. “Almost every single device we see on the floor is generating data on behalf of a consumer.”

With GDPR enacted in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act passed in the States, consumers are becoming more literate around cookies and retargeting techniques, Maceda added. Meanwhile Apple, struggling recently with declining iPhone sales, is appealing to consumers’ growing concerns around data sharing.

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