Ad Age’s Creativity: Urges Americans To Get Off Instagram and “Be a Booker”

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Excerpt: The campaign is specifically aimed at U.S. travelers, who take vacation substantially less than European counterparts. Another spot emphasizes that consumers can book first and ask their boss later-illustrated by a shot of a tired employee scrolling through work emails then clicking on a trip. Other edits also emphasize booking homes, as is taking AirBnB head-on in the alternative accommodation category, and the ease of booking last-minute trips.

“The amount of travel content that is consumed by people dreaming of travel is higher than ever,” says Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer at in a statement. “By creating a community of ‘bookers,’ is aiming to celebrate the people who take action and empower others to experience the world, no matter where that is.”

The campaign includes 60-, 30- and 15-second spots and is running on primetime U.S. TV as well as online. Media is through Mindshare.

Read more about the campaign with our partners at Anomaly and see one of the spots in Ad Age’s Creativity.