Ad Age: Pandora Reveals Its First Sonic Logo

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Excerpt: The concept of a sonic logo is hardly new: The drumroll played during the 20th Century Fox intro was created by composer Alfred Newman in 1933; Walter Werzowa made Intel’s iconic “bong” anthem more than 20 years ago. Even notification alerts—such as those from Samsung, Google and Apple—can easily be associated with the brands they’re meant to represent.

“With the audible renaissance we’re currently experiencing, the biggest differentiator between 20 years ago and today is that today, brands being able to succinctly communicate their proposition with audible formats is non-negotiable,” Rachel Lowenstein, associate director of Invention+ at Mindshare, says. “It’s pretty clear that audio isn’t a tertiary tactic in brand campaigns and therefore sonic branding isn’t something that we’re just slapping on at the end of TVCs or running in radio.”

To hear Pandora’s logo and read more insights from Rachel, check out the full piece in Ad Age.