Ad Age: How Condé Nast Built A Sound Video Structure On YouTube

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Excerpt: Condé Nast is still focused on its own websites and properties and the other social platforms, but audience sizes on YouTube are a bigger draw for advertisers looking to run digital video ads that are as close to the TV model as possible, according to Jennifer Morgan, director of digital investment at Mindshare, who works with mostly consumer product brands that advertise with the publisher’s YouTube channels. Advertisers are eager to attach themselves to the kind of viewing happening on YouTube, Morgan says, where people aren’t simply stumbling into a video on a website, but are going there to watch shows. 

“Condé definitely is still selling its owned and operated video, and they tap into that as much as they can,” Morgan says. “But really the scale is greater on YouTube, and the consumer behavior is going to YouTube to sit down and view content for extended periods of time compared to Condé’s sites.”

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