Wake Up Austin: Tuesday, March 17

By Yvonne Williams, Partner, Associate Director, Mindshare

It’s the last day at SXSWi, but before riding off into the sunset, Tuesday ushers in a few last informative sessions, the start of the highly anticipated music festival, and St Patrick’s Day.  

Bloggers and Beyond: Brand Partnership & Influencers
9:30am at the JW Marriott (Room 205)

For years, brands and companies have embraced the influential power of bloggers. Now the stars from Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social platform personalities have become key digital influencers as well. This session will discuss how brands can connect with engaged social media users in ways that lead to deeper connections with customers and new brand loyalists.

Digital Music Lounge
10am-6pm at the Austin Convention Center

Usher in the SXSW music festival by visiting the Digital Music Lounge - a dedicated space that showcases the constantly evolving relationship between music and technology.

Live Music Streaming as Means for Brand Engagement
11:00am at the Austin Convention Center (Room 12AB)

The live music experience is becoming a part the marketing strategy for numerous companies. And for good reason: music festivals boast large audience engagement via digital platforms. This session will teach attendees all about how to use live music streaming for brand engagement, including distribution, technical workflow, innovation, and optimization.

Cultural Connections: TV, Digital, and the New Mainstream
3:30pm at the Austin Convention Center (Ballroom E)

Latinos, often elusive viewers for network TV, over-index in online video. This session will look at how online video can build cultural connections, and how a digital-first strategy provides an opportunity to engage Latino users and convert them into loyal TV viewers - all through compelling content.

As many of you may be ending your day slightly early to make your flights back home, don’t forget to take a moment and reflect on the amazing sessions that you’ve attended, the new friends made, and the hospitality shown by Austin. Take all of these great moments and information with you and share it with those who could not attend. Until we meet again, SXSW!