Nightcap: Day Five and Themes From the Week

Austin has treated the Mindshare team very well at SXSWi – we’ve learned and shared heavily.  As the team looks back at the past few days, there’s a few constant themes that have emerged.  Below is a top line list from what I saw today and during the past week – stay tuned for a more comprehensive summary coming soon from our Mindshare@SXSW team.

Nightcap: Day Three

Day three at SXSWi was just as packed as the rest. But one of the great things about an event like this is that in between all of the running around for sessions, you can grab a portable charger from a Mophie-branded St. Bernard, have a seat on the Iron Throne with HBO, and even join Hootsuite's pedi-cab bus.

Wake Up Austin: Friday, March 13

It’s day one of SXSWi 2015. Today’s mantra, in true Texas form, is “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.” Mindshare is setting out to take it all in and see what this year’s conference has in store for us. There are lots of questions we’ll be looking to answer over the coming days: Will there be a breakout startup star? What is the role of brands on-site? How will SXSW differentiate itself from CES? And so on.

Campaign: Mindshare Looks Ahead to the Hottest Trends in Austin

If you were intrigued by the technology from the Consumer Electronics Show or Mobile World Congress, you’re in luck: SXSW 2015 promises to further accelerate those emerging trends, particularly the latest in wearables, sensory experiences, big data and more. The unique thing about SXSWi is its tendency to bring in both emerging and established companies to demonstrate how they overlay content with these tech trends – in doing so, they illustrate how brands are using technology to best engage an audience among an ever-changing digital landscape. By Casey Steinberg and Yvonne Williams of Mindshare

Posted on March 12, 2015 .