Photo courtesy of the PGA

Photo courtesy of the PGA

25 September 2014, London: Data from Mindshare Worldwide, the global media agency network that is part of WPP, shows that if this week’s golf battle at the Ryder Cup was powered by social media, Phil Mickelson would be the clear winner, with 19% of share of voice of social media mentions. Interestingly, Rory McIlroy had fewer than 1% of mentions in comments referencing the Ryder Cup – perhaps pointing to him being so much of a brand in his own right that people don’t feel the need to talk about the Ryder Cup when referencing him.

Of the European team, Paul McGinley came highest with 10% of mentions. Overall, the European team have the slight edge in social media mentions with 51% share of voice, versus 49% for team US, from data that tracked more than half a million digital mentions of the Ryder Cup during July 2014.

Norm Johnston, Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare Worldwide, commented: “Whilst the league tables we’ve compiled might not relate directly to ability on the golf course, we do find social media can provide great insights that can be used to help our clients be better prepared and adapt to changing conditions. Through our ‘data war room’ called The Loop, we help global brands to respond to data driven insights, from weather fluctuations to social media trends. This process, which we call adaptive marketing is now a vital part of business decision making.”

The full data can be found below:

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Posted on September 29, 2014 .