Mediapost: Mobile Notifications Pretty Much OK for 73% of Consumers


by Chuck Martin

That mobile tap on the shoulder to check something out is quite accepted by consumers, for now.

At the moment, most smartphone owners are basically OK with notifications prompted by an app, though there could be some challenge on the horizon, based on a new study.

The research is included within a new quarterly publication called Next, just being launched by GroupM, a unit of WPP, and the first issue centers around mobility.

The publication, in the form of a new website, includes comprehensive, detailed reports, such as one naming 10 companies it sees shaping the mobile future, a 20-year forecast of the mobile world and an interactive quiz for companies and individuals to see what their mobile brand looks like.

“It’s a chance to go long-form,” GroupM Next CEO Chris Copeland told me yesterday. “The goal is to blend first-party data to paint as full a picture as we can.”

From a mobile commerce perspective, the aspect that caught my eye was the featured mobile report “A Mobile Shopping Revolution,” which includes new research conducted by GroupM Next.

The study looked at app notifications in light of the coming explosive deployment of beacons and analyzed the relationship between purchase behavior and smartphone activity.

Most consumers are somewhat accepting of those notifications they receive when opening an app, according to the GroupM Next survey of 1,000 smartphone owners.

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Posted on July 24, 2014 .