Ad Age: Buzzfeed Deepens Ties With Media Agencies, Partners With Mindshare

Mindshare Can Better See the Fastest-Moving Stories on Social Media

By Michael Sebastian. Published on March 26, 2014


Mindshare has exclusive access to BuzzFeed BuzzFeed is giving WPP's Mindshare data on some of the fast-moving stories on social media to help the media agency shape both real-time and long-term campaigns for its clients.

Mindshare plans to announce the partnership widely Wednesday morning after BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti makes a presentation to the agency's leadership team.

The partnership is the latest step in BuzzFeed's effort to deepen its ties to media agencies. Last May, BuzzFeed teamed up with Vayner Media to roll out its social storytelling program, which aims to seed the market with agencies and people that will produce BuzzFeed-style posts. It began working with indie shop Horizon Media and Interpublic Group of Cos.' UM last August as part of a similar program that gave them metrics on the effectiveness of branded content.

Mindshare is becoming the first agency with direct access to BuzzFeed, a proprietary app that ranks the fastest-moving stories on social media from BuzzFeed and its 200 partner sites at any given moment. Anyone can see a version of here, but Mindshare will get a more direct feed that will be easier to plug into the agency's own systems.

Mindshare will also get additional analysis, such as the kinds of topics that typically pop as well as the sites where they most often originate.

"What it comes down to is finding innovative ways of using the data we have about sharing and how we can drive insights for the advertisers that are using this product," said Jonathan Perelman, GM-video and VP-agency strategy at BuzzFeed.

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