Adweek: Check Out the 26 Boldly Inventive Campaigns That Won This Year's Project Isaac Awards

By Adweek Staff

In this era of constant change and innovation, to truly invent something is quite rare. But the drive to find new paths and opportunities across marketing, media and tech may be stronger than ever thanks to the indomitable spirit that infuses those worlds (the drive to find new revenue doesn't hurt either).

That's the underlying philosophy behind the fourth annual Adweek Project Isaac Awards, a celebration of 26 of the smartest, most inventive ideas around. Many of those ideas were adapted from existing platforms but transport the end user to experiences they could otherwise never enjoy—such as our Gravity Award winner, McCann New York (and partners), which created a virtual reality bus tour of Mars on behalf of client Lockheed Martin.

We couldn't have chosen all of these deserving winners without the expertise, patience and input from our stellar lineup of jurors (below), led by KBS CEO Ed Brojerdi. A big thanks to them all, and hearty congratulations to all our winners.

Mindshare: Campari America, Moments That Matter

Given that 28 Americans die every day from drunk driving, it is incumbent on spirits makers to try harder to raise awareness. But as TV ads often don't resonate, Campari America took to what it calls "data-infused" mobile, via agency Mindshare and mobile rewards network Kiip (which offers rewards to users playing its games). Involving Wild Turkey, Skyy and American Honey brands, the liquor firm offered as a reward $5 coupons with ride-sharing service Lyft for bar patrons. Using mobile helped reach users right when they are considering another drink and a Lyft ride, or to call it a night. In total, nearly 180,000 Lyft coupons were redeemed, part of a 20 percent engagement rate with Kiip (five times the norm). Another result: a 48 to 56 percent lift in awareness and purchase consideration for the spirits brands. —M.B.

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Posted on August 21, 2016 .