Media Village: Mindshare's Community X Helps Women Develop into Global Leaders

By Charlene Weisler

At a time when sexual harassment at large corporations is making headlines, and life and death decisions on women's health care options are being decided by all-male panels, it is affirming to note that there are several female empowerment initiatives taking root both nationally and globally, especially among media organizations with the power to amplify that message. Lifetime, for example, is launching Open Road, which is traveling state to state to take the pulse of national sentiment on women's issues. And, for global impact, Mindshare, in partnership with Charlotte Beers, recently announced the launch of Community X to up gender equality in the ad industry.

According to its press release, "What's different about Community X is that it brings Mindshare executives and [the agency's] clients together, making it more unique than standard female leadership training or retreat programs." Helen McRae, Mindshare U.K. CEO and chair of Western Europe, is heading up the effort with Charlotte Beers, former CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide and U.S. Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. I had the opportunity to ask them the following questions:

Helen McRae: It was a conversation in China with our global CEO Nick Emery, our China CEO Amrita Randhawa and a few clients. The group was talking about leadership and gender balance. There were a lot of shared experiences and learnings and Nick suggested that we do something as a community -- clients and agency, all leaders and all women. Charlotte runs the X-Factor for WPP and has always been keen to expand this leadership course to a wider group.  And so the idea of Community X was born!

To read the full interview with Helen and Charlotte, see the article on Media Village:

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