Los Angeles Times: How a social media campaign helped drive Bill O'Reilly out of Fox News

The Los Angeles Times' David Pierson looks at the role social media played in pressuring brands to boycott Bill O'Reilly, particularly some of the larger organized groups such as Sleeping Giants and Media Matters.

Mindshare's Jason Maltby weighs in in this excerpt below:

There's no single reason the ouster campaign proved successful this time: It could have been the critical press coverage, the thousands of posts in years since about O’Reilly on the Media Matters website and others like it, or simply the sheer number of accusers whose allegations went public. But one key difference is the digital strategy that activists, Media Matters among many, used to target O'Reilly's employer, News Corp., and its business partners.

“You had very organized efforts, a very broad social media outcry from individuals, and enormous press coverage,” said Jason Maltby, director of national broadcast TV at ad agency Mindshare. “All those things put pressure on brands to ask themselves, ‘Is this really a safe environment for us?’”

To read more, see the full piece on the LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-oreilly-social-media-20170420-story.html