Marketing Dive: Holiday campaigns from Subaru, Oreo highlight how to do digital

Written by David Kirkpatrick, Marketing Dive

In other efforts similar to Oreo's and Subaru's, digital marketing really made its presence felt this holiday season, agreed Michael Berelian, managing director of Shop+ at Mindshare NA, who emphasized the importance of e-commerce, in particular. Mindshare has indeed seen continued growth in online shopping, pointing to how online and mobile have begun to overshadow in-store shopping at key holiday touch points. 

"The Black Friday of 2016 was the first time in the event’s history where mobile shopping surpassed $1 billion — it hit $1.2 billion," Berelian said. "The move to omnichannel shopping for shoppers has made it easier for brands to market their products to prospective shoppers."

Berelain also echoed Cavallucci’s advice on planning early and added that thinking about search is also important.

"Be sure to incorporate e-commerce search as part of your go-to-market strategy," Berelian said.

As consumers continue to make purchases online, brands and retailers are reacting accordingly, per Berelian. A good example is what Amazon does with its "12 days of deals" promotion. The scheduling cycle has shifted so that there’s increased activity and interest with online retail, which means there’s a longer window for advertising.

Additionally, the line between shopper and brand marketing has become especially blurred during the holiday season this year, Berelian explained. Some brands have moved media from traditional digital display to Amazon to get as close to the sale as possible. And marketers are also recognizing Amazon's ability to drive brand and product awareness.

Getting a head start on 2017

Looking ahead, Berelian said to expect dynamic, personalized marketing to become more prominent throughout 2017 as consumers become more savvy and digitally inclined than ever.

While traditional channels like linear TV aren’t going away anytime soon, it’s important for marketers to keep up with their audience no matter where they are engaging.

In terms of emerging channels to keep an eye on, Berelian pointed to streaming services — both TV and music — which are proving to be a "big focus across brands and industries."

While planning and preparation for the 2017 holiday are already underway, Berelian said that once the season begins it’s important to stay focused during critical launch times, and that new vendors and partners "pop up daily and they all promise the latest and greatest."

"Innovation is critical to moving forward but marketers need to make sure they don’t fall victim to 'bright, shiny objects,'" he said. "Instead, have a formalized plan in place to vet and review innovation partners." 

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