GeoMarketing: CES 2017 Preview: Shop+’s Migliozzi Explores Amazon’s In-Store Retail Influence

By David Kaplan, GeoMarketing

Retailers, even more than brands, need to drive business every day — not just when a new product hits the shelves. Ad or marketing campaigns, by definition, highlight an idea or concept for a specific purpose and for a finite time.

Realizing that disconnect between retailers and the products they sell was part of what spurred WPP Group’s media buying and planning agency Mindshare to formally create the Shop+ unit in November 2015.

“Our Shop+ unit has grown tremendously this past year, but its ultimate mission statement remains the same: we work with Mindshare clients and teams to provide a seamless media experience for the consumer all the way to purchase,” says Joe Migliozzi, Shop+ NA Lead at Mindshare.

“Together, we leverage the latest technology and media partnerships to move audiences to a transaction.

So for example, here’s a good chunk of what that includes:

·       New Technology: Shop+ works with clients to drive strategy and execute on the latest platforms including retailer media platforms, mobile shopping apps, augmented reality, digital coupons, e-commerce, emerging payment methods, and more.

·       Data: As in-store and online transactional data get linked to media placement, Shop+ develops this for both our brand and shopper media campaigns for our clients. We also turn shopper data into insights to enhance Mindshare communication planning for each client.

·       Media Partnerships: Retailers are becoming big digital media platforms in their own right. The very stores/retailers that some of our clients are selling at are significantly building out their own media platforms/offerings.

As Mindshare and Shop+ prepare to head to CES next week, Migliozzi talked about the main topics on his and retail clients’ minds.

GeoMarketing: What will Shop+ be showcasing at CES 2017?

Joe Migliozzi:  We’re hosting a luncheon with Amazon and doing a panel on emerging trends in retail and digital, such as voice activated commerce through Amazon’s Alexa and Amazon Dash buttons. We’ll be focusing on how clients can test and learn in these new emerging spaces. We believe, as Amazon does, that these tools will be more mainstream in the next couple years. So there will be a discussion with some of the experts at Amazon in those areas about the way brands can get involved now and test them out.

In fact, Shop+ is actually one of the three key themes for our [Mindshare’s] CES experience overall – throughout our floor tours, partner meetings, etc. We’re looking at how the wide range of CES tech can drive consumers to the point of purchase.

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Posted on January 2, 2017 .