Search Engine Journal: 15 Best Practices for Facebook Live

Search Engine Journal's Lisa Lacy outlines a short history of Facebook Live, along with 15 best practice tips from industry professionals for the platform. See a short excerpt of the piece below:

6. Go With the Flow and Experiment

Per Diana Gordon, senior partner and group director of search and social at media agency Mindshare NA, even with advanced prep work, brands have to be comfortable with not knowing everything that might happen during a live broadcast.

“Live feeds are still in their infancy, so brands should be prepared to do a lot of test and learn,” she said. “Marketers need to set realistic goals, benchmark and work to grow, testing and learning along the way. Not every piece of content can and will be a winner, but that’s part of the learning process.”

7. Brace for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Further, Gordon said it’s important to think through various worst-case scenarios ahead of time to prepare for “what if this happens”-moments.

Membrillo agreed anything can happen during a live broadcast, so brands must anticipate the worst – as well as how they will potentially respond.

“When you are fielding questions on Facebook Live, you only have a few seconds to come up with an answer. This process is far easier if you create a list of possible topics before you begin the stream,” he said. “This way, you can answer difficult situations with pre-prepared answers that still adhere to your brand’s voice. The last thing you want is to say something you didn’t mean on a live stream that lands you, or your company, in hot water.”

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