Campaign Live: Meet Whisper: The most popular anonymous social app you've never heard of

Dove joins advertisers like Disney and Hulu on burgeoning, but still underground, platform.

By Ilyse Liffreing

Anonymous social media networks may seem risky for advertisers, but one 4-year-old app has been gaining their confidence. 

Whisper, a platform where unnamed users share secrets or "whispers," as they are called, has been testing new ad products for the past year and is gaining legitimacy with advertisers. Until recently, the social network’s advertisers have been mostly entertainment companies, with brands like Disney, Hulu and Universal Studios experimenting with sponsored posts. However, a major global consumer packaged goods company recently joined their ranks with a campaign that makes use of almost all of the platform’s advertising products.

For two weeks, Unilever is running the first branded story on Whisper, a Dove campaign from Mindshare that extends the brand’s "Love Your Hair" initiative on the social network.

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Posted on December 12, 2016 .