Forbes: Top 5 Reasons To Use iMessage To Reach Millennials

Written by Vivian Rosenthal

Emojis and stickers are everywhere that millennials are. They are both part of the visually driven communication landscape that millennials subscribe too. How can your brand successfully reach this influential demographic in iMessage? I’ve spoken to some of the biggest brands and agencies out there to see how and why they made the leap into iMessage. The iMessage sticker store provides brands with the opportunity to use stickers as the new native ad unit to generate word of mouth marketing.

It’s a first-to-market opportunity.

It’s rare that such a huge new channel opens up, giving brands a chance to be first to market. Because the iMessage store is new and uncluttered, it’s an amazing opportunity to get organic growth through new and existing consumers. 

“We love to test and learn and first to market opportunities allow us the freedom to get creative. We’re always exploring new ways to insert ourselves into other areas of digital, and mobile messaging…. [W]e always try to celebrate our brand loyalists where they are, and right now that’s iMessage.” Melanie Cohn, Social Media Strategy at Dunkin’ Brands 

“When we attended the developers conference and saw the new enhancements to iOS 10 iMessage, our first thought was, Apple has taken elements of Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, Line, and what makes them great and infused that thinking into iMessage. The important piece is that iMessage is universal, meaning anyone with an iPhone has it, so scale is there—especially at launch. When something like this happens, we move on it quickly to ideate and look to partners with messaging companies like Snaps to bring campaign elements to life within an enhanced channel.” -Jeff Malmad, Head of Mobile and Life+, Mindshare

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Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.