Luxury Daily: Land Rover gets smart with watch face application

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport

British automaker Land Rover is providing some of its consumers with a decorative flourish in the form of a smartwatch application.

The app, entitled Land Rover Watch Face, is currently available only for Android Wear, and is an exercise in form over function, providing a variety of images on the watch face but not affecting the driving experience directly. Land Rover Watch Face is part of the brand’s larger campaign for the Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV and fits in with Land Rover’s image.

“For those Land Rover owners who do have the wearable, the evolving landscape fits in with the brand’s promise of adventure,” said Jeff Hasen, founder/president of Gotta Mobilize, Seattle.

“We see smartwatches or wearables as an extension of mobile,” said Kim Kyaw, digital marketing and social media manager of Jaguar Land Rover, New York. “This is the first time we’re entering the wearable category and we’re looking to provide utility to consumers similar to what we do on mobile. The goal was to provide value on top of the normal wearable experience.

“The concept for the watch face is meant to align with the exploratory nature of the Discovery Sport, providing utility that inspires users to get up, get out, and ‘Discover the #Undiscovered.’”

Watch closely
The app was developed in conjunction with Mindshare.

“To help promote downloads of the watch face, we partnered with Opera Mediaworks,” said Karen Bennett, managing director of Mindshare, New York. “With their advanced targeting, the brand can identify consumers who have previously installed the Android Wear app on their phone. The media placements will then deep-link into the app store where a consumer can directly download the Land Rover watch face. This is a first-to-market approach for reaching Android Wear users.”

The app provides a different landscape image for the watch face for each day of the month. In addition, the app works in conjunction with the Android Wear’s altitude meter and adapts the position of the images on the watch face based on the wearer’s altitude.

Land Rover watch face

Land Rover watch face

The interface, which also includes a slight pan across the landscape every minute, ensures that the app will not wear down on users. Short of a wearer being in the same place at the same time on the same day of the month, every glance at the watch will reveal a different image.

Although the app does not have a function per se, it may create mental associations that could have an effect on consumers.

Land Rover watch face

Land Rover watch face

The images may create associations for wearers between beautiful landscapes and Land Rover vehicles, which could in turn lead them to purchase the Discovery Sport. The interface also encourages wearers and Land Rover owners to explore, perhaps turning the vehicles into a larger part of their owners’ lives.

Because smartwatches are still not widely worn, luxury brands have an opportunity to show their creativity and to cement themselves as crucial players in the new field. By creating an app that ensures smartwatch wearers variety to their watch faces, Land Rover is also planting a firm foot in the wearables market that it will be able to leverage in the future.

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