NYT: Facebook will Curtail Unpaid Ads by Brands

by Vindu Goel


...on Friday, the company [Facebook] told marketers that if they wanted to reach customers on Facebook, they needed to buy an ad.

The social network announced that starting in January, it would change the rankings of some posts made by marketers, such as pitches to install a new mobile app or tune into a TV show, to reduce the number that appear in the news feeds of its 1.35 billion global users.


...Jordan Bitterman, chief strategy officer for North America at Mindshare, a digital advertising agency that is part of WPP, said Facebook continually made it more difficult for marketers to use its platform effectively, especially for content beyond traditional ads.

Facebook is basically saying that their algorithm will be the arbiter of what’s promotion and what’s not promotion

Still, while some advertisers may now focus more on other social platforms that do not rank their content, such as Twitter, no one can afford to ignore Facebook. "They are sitting on sucha a wealth of data to be able to target effectively." he said. "They have dominance in the kind of products they are offering the market."

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Posted on November 17, 2014 .