Mobile Marketer: Lufthansa (One of) Top 10 mobile marketing campaigns of Q3

By Michael Barris

October 7, 2014

Pillsbury’s Toaster Strudel, Grolsch beer and Mondelez’s Sour Patch Kids were among the brands in the third quarter that shone with their mobile advertising strategies, tapping enhanced targeting, greater interactivity and native experiences. 

While mobile ad spending appears poised to soar, according to projections released by the Mobile Marketing Association at last week’s SM2 Innovation Summit, many campaigns remain smaller-scale versions of desktop programs. Heading into the autumn of 2014, however, numerous big brands pushed the envelope on mobile creative and tactics and on adding uniquely mobile interactive elements. 

The big trend in mobile branding is content, given that consumers are already so used to consuming content on their smartphones. 

Lufthansa entices travelers with interactive selfie campaign

Lufthansa German Airlines introduced an interactive selfie campaign featuring 3D and panoramic elements to deliver what it hoped would be a highly captivating brand message.

Lufthansa Selfie Campaign

Lufthansa's selfie-driven pitch.

The airline brand teamed up with mobile advertising platforms Opera Mediaworks and Celtra for the campaign, which focused on providing personalized selfie backgrounds to a targeted audience. The advertising platforms aimed to excite travel enthusiasts with the selfie and gyro ad formats as a primary form of user engagement.

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