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Beacon & Lively wearable bracelet

Beacon & Lively wearable bracelet

By Neile Weeks, Communications at Mindshare North America


Yesterday Jeff Malmad, Mobile and Life+ Lead at Mindshare North America, led a discussion on the wearable technology market and the opportunities all marketers should know about in the space. Here’s the main point I came away with: There is a wearable out there for every type of person, no matter age, sex, interests, or fitness level. The possibilities really are endless in the space but many people still seem to think that wearables are only for the fitness freaks and calorie counters. Not true… here are the ideal wearable users:

1.  The Adventurers: As one of the most popular wearables, the GoPro is THE technology for all adrenaline junkies. Take the hand held camera on base jumps, hang glides, and mountain bikes. The camera mounts almost anywhere and records from various vantage points, just ask Felix Baumgartner

2.  The Fashionistas: Now wearables can fit seamlessly into your life and outfit! Elemoon, a Kickstarter campaign for wearable jewelry, has nearly perfected the sleek and fashionable design. The design allows you to change the light colors to match your outfit and buzzes for texts/calls so a phone isn’t necessarily on hand during an elegant night out. Preorder your Elemoon here

3.  The Health Nuts: The Polar wearable bracelet lets anyone monitor their heart rate while working out or just going through the day. The technology offers programs like energy monitoring, relaxation tests and body age baselines. The wearable also emphasizes the importance of sleep patterns on a healthy lifestyle and offers advice on how changes in your daily routine can affect your sleep. While other products focus solely on distance and calories, Polar’s ultimate goal is to present data for a healthy lifestyle. 

4.  The Fitness Fanatics: MapMyFitness is an app that can be downloaded on most wearables to allow you to track your mileage, steps, calories, and goals. That’s not enough for you? Put to use your competitive drive and get some extra encouragement by sharing your accomplishments with friends through the social function. MapMyFitness has definitely pleased consumers with over 27 million registered users and 1 million new members each month! 

5.  The Hyper Connecteds: Afraid you’ll miss that text or Snapchat while you’re out at a date night or dining with the family? Now you don’t have to completely unplug, it is the 21st century after all… Beacon & Lively is a wearable bracelet that uses push notifications to send alerts right to your wrist without your smartphone even being in sight. 

6.  The Late Night DJs: Hey EDM fans, your experience just got a whole lot cooler with Lightwave wearables. Concert-goers can now wear a wristband that provides data to fuel interactive experiences like changing environments and dancing challenges. The wristbands collect data like temperature, movement, and sound levels all night long. Lightwave aims to get dancers off their phones and into the moment. Be sure to follow this technology as it develops.

7.  The Anxious Parents: Sproutling is giving the traditional baby monitor a makeover and is proving to be wearable’s cutest application. The wearable device straps around an infant’s ankle and measures heart rate, movement, and yes, even your baby’s mood. Paired with a base station called the “charging bowl,” the anklet sends statistics straight to a parent’s smartphone through the Sproutling app telling them when their little bundle of joy will wake up. The goal of the monitor is to ease parental anxiety and give some time back to busy parents, sounds like a win-win to us. 


What this all means: The wearable platform is a new and promising frontier for brands. Mobile is omnipresent in consumers’ lives and wearables is extending opportunities to create connected experiences. Marketers can now capture moments when consumers are out and about, creating native storytelling that is relevant and additive to the target customer.  

Posted on August 22, 2014 .