What's Trending: The Startup Guy

"Startup Guy" - So Hot Right Now

"Startup Guy" - So Hot Right Now

By Alexis Fragale, Consumer Insights

As startup guys become the new rock stars, they need a wardrobe to match their high cultural status. And hoodies aren’t cutting it anymore, sorry Zuck.

Banana Republic is looking to remedy the startup guy’s “anti-fashion” wardrobe and solidify his cool-factor with their latest collection. Possibly inspired by Refinery 29’s list of “Cute Guys in Tech,” Banana Republic’s stylized “Startup Guy” is just right for the mild San Francisco climate and just untucked enough that you wouldn’t confuse it’s wearer with a finance guy.

Who would have thought these effortless techies would become the new trendsetters?

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Posted on July 31, 2014 .