#WhatsTrending: MoodHacker

An app to brighten your day

By Aimee Goldfarb, Consumer Insights

It’s estimated that 200 million work days are lost annually due to depression, costing employers up to $44 billion a year. Health technology company ORCAS wants to help through their MoodHacker app/site. Employers looking to boost the “psychological well-being” of workers can tap into MoodHacker.

Michael Mulvihill, the CEO of ORCAS, states: “MoodHacker aims to activate and engage employees in positive cognitive and behavioral skills to improve their mood, reduce depressive symptoms, and prevent escalation to clinical depression.”  

Moodhacker allows employee to rate their moods and then offers a variety of activities that can help improve their mental well-being. Their motto: “Make it work.”

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Posted on August 18, 2014 .