Kelly Morris' Recap of Advertising Week 2014

By Kelly Morris, Associate Director, Mindshare NA

Relement (Relevance + Measurement)

I'm going to combine the themes of 2 seminars I attended during Ad week, in the spirit of bringing the thinking full-circle-because Advertising gives us so much to talk about, to acknowledge, to challenge- that it's all a bit overwhelming if you can't attach a 'so then what' to everything you're hearing. So- the themes that resonated most to me, from 'Beyond the Banner', and the 'Economist Creative Summit' (both held on Tuesday 9/30), are Relevance and Measurement.

Relevance- quips made (mostly) during the Economist summit fell in the range of "content as a buzzword being a 'catch-all for everything' or even 'rubbish', and that "curate! Curate's even worse!" Net net- it's our duty, as the force tasked with making Advertising successful for our clients, to do several things:

1. Make better stuff, because people will read what interests them

2. Spark conversations that are WORTHY of someone's time, even approach with entertainment in mind

3. Deliver ideas to the consumer

Because- content is now choice based, whereas traditional advertising is incident-based, and with all the choices available for where we, as consumers, focus our attention- if we, as advertisers wish to capture the consumer at the moment they're engaged, they must choose to do so, and they'll likely opt out if what we're putting forth is not, above all else, RELEVANT.

So you've got their attention(hopefully), but how do you MEASURE how successful you were in doing so?

Segue to theme 2-Measurement, which means:

1. You start thinking about this from day 1, aligning objectives (both short-term and long-term), to strategies

2. Strategies to tactics

3. Tactics to messages

4. Messages to consumer journey

And you assign KPI's to everything along the way.  This will take an extreme amount of dedication to the cause, including:

1. All parties on the same page, from day 1: creative, media, strategy, analytics

2. Maintenance of hyper-communication regarding all of the above

Which is potentially, the hardest thing to do- but at the end of the day- the most crucial piece of the puzzle to making your campaign come full-circle.

At the end of the day:  Relevance must be attained, and set up for success by plotting out how it will be measured. 

It won't come easily, but when all great minds are tapped into, and we as advertising people can put on the consumer hat, ask "would I read this/watch this/engage with this/maybe want to buy this because of this?" And then switch to the advertising hat and ask, "can I measure this, and how? What's the best way to communicate the success of this thing I think will be really great, how can I make sure all the man-hours and brain power that's gone into creating this thing, gets the validation and accreditation it deserves, and answers the problem that sparked it's being borne?"

When we can answer the questions of relevance and measurement together, and fluidly, we'll make waves, not ripples- and isn't that so necessary in this sea with so many fish, swimming in so many directions? The goal has got to be- make waves, and ride them through!

Posted on October 3, 2014 .