Francia Miller's Top 4 Insights from Advertising Week NYC

Advertising Week NYC 2014

Advertising Week NYC 2014

By Francia Miller, Manager Digital Investment, Mindshare NA

Viewing Habits- What do viewing trends look like in 5 years…mobile, mobile, mobile. With more choices electronically to view media and phones like the iphone upgrading to larger screens expect to see more people converting to mobile video viewing. Concerning the viewing habits of the younger generation don’t expect them to adopt older generation viewing habits, instead the older generation will adapt the younger viewing habits as they become more comfortable with technological advances.

Premium Programmatic- does it exist? While the moderator tried to push advertisers into admitting their remnant inventory is not premium, the publishers urged listeners that their un-sold inventory is premium and should not be considered second class. The one media buyer admitted that this inventory isn’t necessarily always premium but it depends on each brand’s objectives. Is it contextual, uber targeted, rising star that makes the inventory premium for the client? What is exciting is the ability now to make premium programmatic your own and work to pair client’s objectives with the data and targeting tools to hone in on the perfect client solution.

Yahoo! Tech- Beyond the traditional tech companies that focus in on reviews and technical specs Yahoo! tech is about explaining tech to non-tech audiences, focusing more on how to’s and intro to tech. Stories that trend on Yahoo! Tech are ones that focus on technologies and people’s lifestyles, like the guy who let the internet name his baby.  A quote from David Pogue- when companies backs are to the wall they’ll try stuff, look for the chance to be an entrepreneur in your traditional company. Yahoo! Tech believes that their choice not follow the other 80% of tech companies gives them their competitive advantage

The Super Fans- Brands perspective on a super fan is someone not satisfied in being a witness, they want to participate, be active and the brand needs to give them opportunities to show their commitment. Super fans are influential, they have followings on their own and in the long-run they bring in a following on their own. Best in class example highlighted was the Hyundai chop shop- where Walking Dead super fans could build their very own survival machine and even better the winning design was made and featured at ComicCon.

Posted on October 1, 2014 .