The 'Math Men' of our Data Bytes Program

Mindshare is grooming the next generation of ‘Math Men’ with its Data Bytes intern program. With Mindshare’s core tenet of centering ideas in data and insight, the Data Bytes are placed in the Marketing Sciences discipline. Seventeen students were selected for the eight week program held in New York and Chicago that included 12 sessions with Mindshare experts in data, digital, media and more. 

The Data Bytes also held weekly sessions called The Lab in THE LOOP room to interrogate LOOP data sources to find interesting and unusual correlations and patterns like weather effects on fast food sales, and how global economic factors drive city-level differences in auto purchases.

Coming from backgrounds in computer science, economics, industrial engineering, mathematics, management information systems, operations research and psychology. The key qualification for applying interns was a love of discovery, a curiosity about correlations, and of course, a passion to turn data and math into insights.

Throughout the course, the Data Bytes worked with their respective mentor to create and develop individual projects, with their experience culminating in a presentation the office leadership team. The projects covered topics like evaluating the role of viewability in digital measurement, finding new ways to communicate insights, and examining actual store sales data to better understand the effects of weather targeted digital campaigns.  

Posted on August 20, 2014 .