SXSW Interactive is the “experience” festival, and Mindshare@SXSW discovers and deciphers the surprise and delight of the new start-ups, products, and platforms debuting each year. The Mindshare team fans out across Austin to bring back insights for our adaptive marketing ideas and culturally relevant learnings for our clients.

Fly By From South By, Part 3

Mig Mora, Associate Director of Mindshare's Invention Studio, chatted with Reddit CEO Steve Huffman above the evolution of online conversation, his ideal SXSW panel speakers, and how there is more to a person than their real world identity.

SXSWi: The Science of Color, Biodesign, and More

SXSW is a smorgasbord of choice, and to get most out of each day, you need to carefully curate your journey of discovery. As marketers, it may be tempting to limit yourself to certain categories, but doing so would...

Mindshare NA’s Guide to SXSW 2016

Coming to SXSW Interactive? Let Mindshare be your guide. We've put together a list of must-see sessions, top restaurants, transit tips, and more. From panels on the Internet of Things to info on Austin's bat colony, we've got you...


Good morning Austin. I hope you have packed some sunscreen and water today because it is going to be a scorcher. All the more reason to stay indoors and get involved in some of these fantastic day 3 sessions. Heads...

How close are we to reaching Westworld?

Truthfully, while at SXSW, I was expecting to hear about advances in robots and artificial intelligence that could drive our world much closer to the tech of the HBO show in a few years. But the reality was actually...

Hey Google, Do You Understand What I Am Saying? Mindshare@SXSW

How we interact with computers has evolved a great deal and with the growth of Voice, it’s only gotten easier for the consumer to get what they want from their devices. Today, you can interact with a smart speaker...

Data and Vision are Interdependent

As first-timer at SXSW, I had some expectations about the speaker line-up and vibe of the entire conference. As soon as I landed in Austin, I was blown away by how large the event was. The festival is expected...

What is your dream SXSW panel?

What is your dream SXSW panel? We asked Kelly Garland, Marina Golden, Taylor Davis, Koby Leung & Mig Mora - who are all headed to Austin for the festival.  


Good morning from the bat city! After freezing yesterday (I'm from Los Angeles!), the temperature is expected to rise a bit today. As more film and music folks roll into town for their respective festivals, there are still plenty...

The United Nations of Innovation: Reviewing the SXSW Trade Show

I was told that everything is bigger in Texas, and let me tell you, the SXSW Trade Show was no exception. Walking into the space can be overwhelming – it’s a large convention room the size of a few...

Mindshare@SXSWi: Interview with Devon MacDonald, CSO for Mindshare Canada

What industry will autonomous living disrupt next? What's one tech trend that marketers aren't paying enough attention to? Mindshare NA's Rachel Lowenstein, Manager, Strategic Innovation, Life+, interviewed Devon MacDonald, Chief Strategy Officer for Mindshare Canada, out in Austin to...

SXSWi Interview with Brian Wong

IoT and the future of advertising: Kiip's CEO Brian Wong explores the concept of "connected moments" across apps and connected devices. Plus, get his thoughts on the next industry that's ripe for disruption.


Google Ads Expands Same-Meaning Close Variants

Background: Google recently announced that it will be expanding close variants to include words that have the same meaning as the original word. This change...

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