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The 2018 Mindshare Canada Cannes Young Lions Winners

Big congratulations are in order to Kenon Mak and Paul Linley – winners of the 2018 Mindshare Canada Young Lions competition and second place in the Canada-wide competition! In March, teams of two were challenged with answering a brief from...

Your SXSW Rap Video, Courtesy of Mig Mora

Or as Ad Age put it in their SXSW live blog, SXSW InterRAPtive. Check out the video from Miguel Mora, Associate Director, Invention Studio, Mindshare North America, rapping about his time on the ground in Austin (scroll down to Wednesday, 10am).  

The United Nations of Innovation: Reviewing the SXSW Trade Show

I was told that everything is bigger in Texas, and let me tell you, the SXSW Trade Show was no exception. Walking into the space can be overwhelming – it’s a large convention room the size of a few...

Fly By From South By, Part 3

Mig Mora, Associate Director of Mindshare's Invention Studio, chatted with Reddit CEO Steve Huffman above the evolution of online conversation, his ideal SXSW panel speakers, and how there is more to a person than their real world identity. https://soundcloud.com/mindsharena/fly-by-from-south-by-part-3

Fly By From South By, Part 2

Mindshare NA's Mig Mora caught up with Lindsay Nelson, CMO of Vox Media, at SXSW. Vox Media, Inc. currently runs eight editorial brands: SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon, Curbed, Eater, Racked, Vox, and Recode. https://soundcloud.com/mindsharena/fly-by-from-south-by-part-2

Fly By From South By, Part 1

While on the ground in Austin Texas at SXSW, Mig Mora of the Invention Studio caught up with Sebastian Tomich from the New York Times. https://soundcloud.com/mindsharena/soc_e2_lvf_v2  

Hey Google, Do You Understand What I Am Saying? Mindshare@SXSW

How we interact with computers has evolved a great deal and with the growth of Voice, it’s only gotten easier for the consumer to get what they want from their devices. Today, you can interact with a smart speaker...

Being Woke is Not an Adaptive Marketing Strategy: Mindshare@SXSW

Urban Dictionary defines “woke” as follows: “Although an incorrect tense of awake, a reference to how people should be aware in current affairs. ‘While you are obessing with the Kardashians, there are millions of homeless in the world. STAY WOKE.'" The first...

What is your dream SXSW panel?

What is your dream SXSW panel? We asked Kelly Garland, Marina Golden, Taylor Davis, Koby Leung & Mig Mora - who are all headed to Austin for the festival.  

Jeff Malmad at MMA Impact NY

On Tuesday April 10, Jeff Malmad (Managing Director, Head of Life+ Mindshare North America) will lead a session called "Can You Hear Me Now?" at MMA's Impact NY. Brands have spent billions on package design to stand out on the...

MediaPost: The Connected Everyday Shopper Show

The Consumer Electronic Show should now be called the Connected Everyday Shopper show, because the speed at which Internet of Things technology is converging into everyday products was front and center this year in Las Vegas. The driving forces...

Ad Age: 5 Things We Learned About Connected Home at CES

Excerpt: Bad day? Your home is there for you Smart devices get intimate details about the products we use and our preferences. Someday, they'll likely be able to read the context behind our requests, and offer up suggestions. If you're stressed, that...


She Runs It’s Working Mothers of the Year: Laura Powers

Congratulations to Mindshare's Laura Powers, Managing Director, Client Leadership – she’s been named one of She Runs It's Working Mothers of the Year! This...

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